Aermacchi AMX-1A Ghibli

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Our featured file for this issue is a little unusual in that it was originally a payware aircraft from a company many of you will remember called Lago Srl. It depicts the AMX-1A Ghibli, built with the collaboration of two Italian firms, Aeritalia and Aermacchi, and the Brazilian firm Embraer. It was seen as a replacement for the ageing fleet of Lockheed’s F-104 Starfighter.

This update to FSX/P3D was created by Ed Wells and Henk Schuitemaker. They made contact with the original author Francesco Missarino, who was excited to think that his first ‘baby’ would be flown again after all these years. So with the permission of Francesco and Alberto Sangalli, the work began to convert the AMX Ghibli from the original FS9 model to FSX. Updating the aircraft was started by Sim-Outhouse (SOH) member Bluebear (Ulrich), who did the initial conversion to native FSX. Henk Schuitemaker then did some additional modelling, creating new coding and animations, reworked some of the old FS9 gauges and produced the configuration manager that allows you to add a variety of bombs, missiles and fuel tanks to the external pylons. The result is a very professional little jet fighter that looks nothing like the original FS9 product. It’s great to fly and has a cockpit in which the majority of the displays and switches are operational. The addition of a full 3D cockpit has given it a lot more usability; it’s altogether a brilliant job!

Authors: Original Copyright: Lago Srl
Artwork updates: Ed Wells and Henk Schuitemaker
FSX/P3D conversion: Ulrich (Bluebear) and Henk Schuitemaker
Platform: FSX/P3D

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