KSDF - Louisville International

Freeware Files

Our featured download for this issue is a scenery file; in fact it’s an airport.

And while it’s not unusual to feature airports in this section, it’s not often that freeware authors tackle such a large international hub such as the Louisville International Airport (also known as Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport - IATA: SDF, ICAO: KSDF.)

The airport covers over 1500 acres, has three runways and is the largest airport in the state of Kentucky. It’s also the third-largest cargo hub in the US and the seventh-largest in the world. I was surprised at the vast number of UPS aircraft lined up at many of the gates.

I later found out it’s their Worldport, acting as the main hub for UPS operations worldwide. Louisville Airport is also home to the Kentucky Air National Guard, with maintenance hangars for both Republic Airways and Compass Airways. In addition, there are several GA hangars and a Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) run by Atlantic Aviation.
The version for X-Plane 11 depicted here was designed by StableSystem. They have made a brilliant job of it, recreating everything from the ground up with attention to detail usually reserved for commercial products. Because they’ve made use of some third-party libraries, the airport has virtually no impact on X-Plane’s performance.

Author: StableSystem
Platform: X-Plane 11

Possibly more UPS cargo aircraft than I’ve ever seen before.