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March/April 2020

Issue 126

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January/February 2020

Issue 125

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November/December 2019

Issue 124

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September/October 2019

Issue 123

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July/August 2019

Issue 122

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May/June 2019

Issue 121

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March/April 2019

Issue 120

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January/February 2019

Issue 119

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November/December 2018

Issue 118

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September/October 2018

Issue 117

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July/August 2018

Issue 116

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May/June 2018

Issue 115

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March/April 2018

Issue 114

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January/February 2018

Issue 113

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November/December 2017

Issue 112

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September/October 2017

Issue 111

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July/August 2017

Issue 110

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May/June 2017

Issue 109

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March/April 2017

Issue 108

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January/February 2017

Issue 107

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November/December 2016

Issue 106

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September/October 2016

Issue 105

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July/August 2016

Issue 104

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May/June 2016

Issue 103

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March/April 2016

Issue 102

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January/February 2016

Issue 101

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November/December 2015

Issue 100

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September/October 2015

Issue 99

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July/August 2015

Issue 98

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May/June 2015

Issue 97

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March/April 2015

Issue 96

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January/February 2015

Issue 95

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November/December 2014

Issue 94

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September/October 2014

Issue 93

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July/August 2014

Issue 92

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May/June 2014

Issue 91

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March/April 2014

Issue 90

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January/February 2014

Issue 89

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November/December 2013

Issue 88

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September/October 2013

Issue 87

Free Add-On for FSX - Sopwith Camel

Next year will mark the centennial anniversary of the start of World War I. It was a time of great technological advance, particularly in the sphere of aviation. In fact, the first powered flight by the Wright brothers had taken place only 11 years prior to the outbreak of the war. As far as aircraft technology was concerned, perhaps the greatest progress was made in the development of the fighter aircraft and one which epitomises that rapid advancement was the iconic Sopwith Camel.

Often referred to as the ‘King of Combat’, by all accounts, it was not an easy aircraft to fly and in fact it is claimed more Camel pilots were killed through flying accidents than were shot down in actual aerial combat. However, if one knew its limitations and treated it with ‘respect’, it was a formidable adversary for any opposing fighter and for many was the best close-in Allied dogfighter of the war. So, if you want to find more about the ‘King of Combat’ and why it gained such a reputation, why not take our superb free add-on up for a spin, but just remember to treat it with a little respect...

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July/August 2013

Issue 86


RealAir simulations, which has released a number of ground-breaking products for Microsoft Flight Simulator over the years, in addition to innovations, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, RealAir Simulations has generously given away two famous Mk IX Spitfire models for FSX to PC Pilot readers which you will find on this month’s cover disc.

The first is EN398 – Depicted in original World War Two-era condition, this aircraft was flown by Wing Commander ‘Johnnie’ Johnson, the highest scoring British fighter ace of World War Two, credited with 38 victories. This particular aircraft was Johnnie Johnson’s first Mk IX, in which he shot down at least 12 enemy fighters, making this spitfire the most successful in terms of kills. The second is Lady Ellen III, which is depicted in original World War Two-era condition. This aircraft was flown by Lt. John Fawcett, of the 309th FS, 31st FG, US 15th Air Force, flying out of Castel Volturno, Italy in February 1944.

RealAir products:
SF260 – now retails at £14.99/$24.95
American Champion Aircraft – now retails at £14.99/$24.95
Spitfire – now retails at £14.99/$24.95
Duke – now retails at £19.99/$29.95
Turbine Duke - $34.95 (Download only)
Lancair Legacy - £29.99/$39.95
Please note that the Lancair Legacy will be out in boxed format by the time you read this.

SimStop special discount
And there’s more... SimStop, as part of Flight1, which publishes the RealAir titles in boxed form, is supporting RealAir’s 10th anniversary celebration by offering $10 off any RealAir purchase using the voucher/code when bought through simstop at Please note that this can only be used once.

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May/June 2013

Issue 85

DeHavilland Mosquito - Add-on for FSX

Our star feature on this month’s CD is a beautiful rendition of the iconic, fast, versatile and all-wooden de Havilland Mosquito. This was the RAF’s first true multi-role aircraft. Roles included fighter, bomber, nightfighter, attack aircraft, torpedobomber, transport and photoreconnaissance – to name a few.

The version included on the disc is the glaze-nosed Mosquito B. Mk IV bomber-optimised version. The Mosquito B. Mk IV became a very important part of the British bomber offensive, particularly when it came to target-marking for the larger Lancaster and Halifax force. To find out more about this add-on, refer to our ‘Downloads’ section starting on page 14.

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March/April 2013

Issue 84

Now, we have something rather special for you this issue - Digital Combat Simulator World, better known as DCS World. This is a free-to-play digital battlefield game, focusing on military aircraft simulations. It also includes a FREE Su-25T (affectionately known as ‘Frogfoot’) attack aircraft and is extensible through additional DCS modules as well as user-made add-ons and mods.

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January/February 2013

Issue 83

In this issue we have two videos for you : the first is for Just Flight’s F-111 Aardvark (which is also our featured Star Demo), while the second is a stunning showcase of The Fighter Collection’s DCS: P-51D Mustang.

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November/December 2012

Issue 82

We have a real gem for you this issue from the freeware world – the Gloster Meteor F.8. The Gloster Meteor was the RAF’s first jet fighter to enter service in July 1944 with No. 616 Squadron based at Manston. It saw little service during World War Two, but during that time its primary role was that of intercepting the V-1 flying bombs being targeted at British cities. The subject of this virtual model, the Meteor F.8, was the definitive fighter version of this type. The Mk 8 was the primary RAF fighter between 1950 and 1955 and was extensively exported to a number of foreign countries. It saw service in the Korean War, and in fact was the only non-US or Soviet jet used in the conflict by No. 77 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). To find out more about this virtual rendition, please turn to page 14.

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September/October 2012

Issue 81

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July/August 2012

Issue 80

We have two exciting demos for you on the CD this month - both produced by Just Flight and for FSX.

The first is for the iconic English Electric Lightning F.6. This demo features a Lightning F.6B in the markings of XS895 H 74 Sqn RAF. All avionics and control surfaces are fully working and no graphical spoilers have been added when used on the ground and during take-off. The only limitation in this evaluation version of the English Electric Lightning is that the model and cockpit will become unusable once you reach 1,000ft above sea level. A full PDF manual is also supplied on the disc.

The second demo is for the Douglas DC-6B. You can sample the highly detailed exterior model and interactive 3D virtual cockpit of this aircraft that flew all over the world and opened up air travel on every continent. The demo allows you to fly the fully functional aircraft up to a height of 1,800ft. A full PDF manual is also supplied on the disc.

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May/June 2012

Issue 79

This fabulous demo of Just Flight’s 737 Professional for FSX comes in the Western Airlines livery and is a complete and fully featured aircraft. The only restriction with the demo is that it will not function above 2,700ft (approx). Once you go above this height, the aircraft will disappear and the sound will cut out. When this happens, all you have to do is to push your stick forward to lose height and the aircraft will reappear again once you get below 2,700ft. To re-enable the sound, press the letter ‘Q’ on your keyboard. The complete 116- page 737 Professional manual, which includes full start-up instructions, is also included and can be found in the ‘Demo’ folder located on this month’s cover disc.

Known issue
Please note, on occasion we have noticed an issue on some machines
where, if you try to load the 737 demo from the ‘free flight’ section, FSX would crash. If this happens to you, just re-launch FSX, choose a default aircraft, such as the Cessna
172, in ‘free flight’ and load that first. Then once you’re in the simulation, select Aircraft’ from the drop-down menu and choose the 737 from the resultant list – look under Publisher> Just Flight Ltd> ‘Boeing 737-200Adv Western Airlines Demo’.

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November / December 2010

Issue 70

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