Eagle Dynamics

DCS Viper and Hornet Update

Following the early access release of the Viper, Eagle Dynamics (ED) is now focusing on the most pressing bugs and new features for … Read More

DCS: F-16C Viper Early Access Takes Flight

Eagle Dynamics (ED) has announced the DCS: F-16C Viper is now available in Early Access. The aircraft comes with a Professional Flight … Read More

DCS: F-16C Viper Update

Eagle Dynamics has posted a status update on the upcoming DCS: F-16C Viper for DCS: World. According to the company: “Things are … Read More

DCS: P-47 on Final

In the latest news update, Eagle Dynamics said one of the most anticipated World War Two modules, the DCS P-47 “is getting close”. … Read More

Video: DCS: F-16C Viper – Taxi and Take-Off

Eagle Dynamics has released a YouTube video taking a look at how to taxi and take-off in the F-16C Viper. The video is from a pre-release … Read More

DCS Wake Turbulence Visualisation

Although wake turbulence has been in DCS for a few months but as in real life, this effect is invisible. Eagle Dynamics released this … Read More

DCS WWII Asset Pack Update

Eagle Dynamics has announced that two new vehicles have been added to the WWII Asset Pack. First, the Douglas A-20 Havoc G. This variant … Read More

DCS: F-16C Viper – Cockpit Orientation

Eagle Dynamics has released a video with an overview of the cockpit of the DCS: F-16C Viper. The Viper is currently in development … Read More

DCS: Supercarrier Update

Since the last update on this eagerly awaited module, the Eagle Dynamics (ED) team has been focusing on several core features of the … Read More

DCS: F-16 Official Trailer Released

Eagle Dynamics has released the official Viper trailer. Created by its video producer “GlowingAmraam”, the video highlights the … Read More


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