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Iceland Preview

Orbx has released screenshots of FTX Global Iceland. The upcoming FTX Iceland demo features OpenLC+Vector from Orbx in conjunction … Read More

Tomcat Update

Aerosoft has released preview images of the F-14 Tomcat for FSX. According to the developer, various subsystems including a payload … Read More

MiG-21B for DCS World – in Development

The MiG-21Bis Fishbed is an independent 3rd party module within DCS:World series and is being developed by beczl Studios in association … Read More

Preview – Austria Professional HD from Aerosoft

The package will come in two parts, East and West, and will cover the whole country with high definition imagery and all important … Read More

Challenging Airports – Saint Barthelemy’s Gustav III Airport

“Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any … Read More

Air Combat Simulation

To Fly And Fight “The sky above was a bright crystal blue, and the land below a green-on-green checkerboard divided by a silverblue … Read More

Hardware – Cockpits

TrackIR An alternative to using multiple monitors is a device called TrackIR, which works by translating head movement to motion on … Read More


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