The majority of our coverage includes regular reviews and features on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X and associated third-party addons. In particular, we carry an on-going tutorial on Mission Building in FSX. Our main objective is to cater for every reader’s interests. So, in each issue you will find regular ‘departments’ that reflect those interests. These include reviews on airliners, GA and military aircraft, as well as scenery packages.

Tutorials on air combat, GA flying, airliner flying and regular flight tutorials from Flight Simulator are also included. In addition, we also carry interviews with publishers and developers within the industry and a hardware section – covering everything from graphics cards to motion platforms.

PC Pilot is professionally produced by flight simmers for flight simmers, subsequently, we can guarantee we speak the same language as your target market. I believe that, with a combination of our detailed and varied coverage and your presence on the pages of PC Pilot, we can give excellent exposure to your company in this exciting and ever-changing world of flight simulation.


PC Pilot’s readers are predominantly male, aged between 26 and 55, married with an above average disposable income. They spend a large amount of money each year on PC hardware, component upgrades and software in order to ensure they achieve the maximum realism from the equipment they use. This includes control units, monitors, memory, CPUs, graphics cards and peripherals and accessories such as yokes, pedals and joysticks, avionics and virtual radar. PC Pilot is not only read by virtual pilots; real pilots are also attracted to the magazine and represent one fifth of PC Pilot readers.

PC Pilot sold through WHSmith High Street and Travel, major supermarkets and independent newsagents in the UK as well as leading bookstores and outlets in other countries. It benefits from a large subscriber base and from direct sales through Key Publishing’s mail order operation, as well as increased copy sales through the various events and shows it attends.

The Product

• A4, glossy, saddle stitched
• Bi-Monthly frequency
• Established in 1999
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A creative approach

Advertorials are a proven way of blending an advertising theme into an editorially styled feature, thereby delivering a very strong message to new and existing customers. PC Pilot can write and design an advertising feature based on your business, products and services from information supplied by you.

Supplements/Promotional Material
PC Pilot can design, write and produce your promotional material in a variety of languages, sizes and specifications. We can also distribute your supplements through PC Pilot at the shows we attend or via direct mail to a particular target market.

Articles that have featured in PC Pilot are an excellent way to promote your company at events and through direct mail. The reprints can range from 2 – 12 pages and can be re-designed to carry your advertising message.

Gatefold, Outserts, Loose Inserts
PC Pilot can accommodate single and double gatefolds, outserts and loose inserts. This creative form of marketing can have a huge impact when you are launching new products/services.

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