Microsoft Flight Simulator September 12 Development Update


In the latest development update, the Microsoft Flight Simulator development team announced the Tech Alpha recruitment has officially started. Anybody interested in participating can to sign into the Insider Area and fill out a qualification survey.

A preview version of the Development Roadmap is also available on the Insider Area. Dates for October have been updated, and deliverables for November will be added over the next few weeks. We can expect another revision of the roadmap by the end of September.

The next update will be on September 19, when the team will release more information on the Tech Alpha build goals and release timeline.

September 26 will see a preview of the Feature Discovery series, which will be launched in early October. The series will consist of four episodes covering the world, weather, aerodynamics and cockpits.

The team also released four new videos over on the insider area. The first one shows the Diamond DA62 on approach and extending the undercarriage, followed by a stall and spin demonstration, so it looks like spins will be possible in the new simulator. The last two videos show off Lake Tekapo in New Zealand and Baltimore city. As with other previews of the scenery in the new simulator, the level of detail is excellent and matches the real-world locations very precisely.

The first shows a Diamond DA62 on final approach and extending the undercarriage
Diamond DA62 stall and spin demonstration
Lake Tekapo in New Zealand
Baltimore city scene

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