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Majestic Development Update


Majestic Software has released a status update for its projects currently in development.

The Training Edition of the Dash 8 Q400 met a few challenges along the way which delayed the planned delivery timeline and to add to the delays, Prepar3D crossed over the 64-bit platform. Work was paused on the Training Edition while making the Q400 compatible with the 64-bit platform, which required a re-write of the vast majority of the code.

Dash 8 Q400 Training Edition Status
The front panels, shown more than a year ago, and the overhead panel have been adjusted for touch functionality. The remaining portion of this part of the project is completing the centre panels. The final addition to the core of the project is implementing the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) panel and its functionality. “From this point, we should be able to put the Beta team back to work.”

Majestic Software is aiming to release the Training Edition before the end of 2019, providing that the beta team does not find any major issues.

Implementation of PBR (Physically Based Rendering), rain effects and dynamic lighting have been put on the back burner until the project is finished. The company will assess the feasibility of adding these features, but more than likely they will be added in a later update.

“There are several issues that have been listed in the bug tracker that will be addressed in updates following the release of the Training Edition. The updates/patches will apply to all editions of the Q400.”

Dash 8-Q300
The upcoming Q300 v2 was put on the back seat due to development work on the Q400 Training Edition. The plan is to focus on the Q300 development by the beginning of 2020. “It should not take that long to get this project off the out of the hangar. The plan is to develop the 100 and 200 variants after the Q300 v2 is released.

The Q300 will be a separate add-on package rather than an expansion to the Q400. It will have a Pilot, Pro and Training Editions. Majestic said PBR, rain effects and dynamic lighting for the Q300 v2 are part of the plan and will be implemented given development time and testing.

The company concluded by stating it does not have any plans for X-Plane development as is not able to simultaneously develop for both P3D and X-Plane.”

Click here to read the full post over on the Majestic Software Facebook page.

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