ERJ Family Updated


X-Crafts has released version 1.1 of the ERJ Family.

This is a major update, which includes an improved flight model, new textures, and changes to the FMOD sounds, including completely reworked engine audio.

V1.1.0 Release Notes

Aircraft Related Changes

  • Modified flight models to fly with nose up attitude (1-2 degrees up) on approach (around 120-115 knots)
  • Modified flight models to fly at M0.78 with CRZ TRS mode engaged.
  • Spool Up slowed down
  • Spool Down slowed down
  • Throttles are less responsive
  • Modified fuel consumption to match real-life performance
  • Less tire friction so the planes need less thrust to start moving
  • Fixed CRS Needle offset
  • Fixed Fuel page on Legacy had FWD and VENTRAL mixed
  • Changed the dome light pitch so it illuminates the overhead panel more.
  • Fixed GPU voltage was showing wrong values
  • Fixed overlapping EICAS messages
  • Fixed Ventral Tank on XR showing zero fuel
  • EICAS messages.
  • Added Landing Call outs Now its 500ft, 100ft, 50ft, 10ft.
  • Shorter Aircraft Descriptions (for GHD compatibility)
  • Corrected ICAO signs for E145 XR and Legacy
  • Park brake now isnt pulled when toe brakes are used
  • Overspeed bar on PFD is red and goes all the way up
  • Removed service door indication from legacy MFD system page
  • Model Related Changes
  • Fixed NAV lights being illuminated while the switches were off
  • The engines now both rotate in the same direction
  • Remove before flight covers show up only after N1 is 0%
  • Outer Spoilers deploy less than the inner ones
  • Cabin Lights are now controllable from a FA control panel which is located next to the main door.
  • Main door can also be closed from this same FA control panel
  • Dome and chart holder lights were not actually lit when the light was illuminated.
  • Fixed Pedestal panel lights being connected to the dome lights
  • Removed the dummy avionics manipulator from the glareshield
  • Removed Easter egg manipulator which rotated the cabin from overhead panel, because in reality it’s supposed to be somewhere else!
  • Removed service door manipulator in Legacy
  • The altitude pressure knob goes to FL410 on Legacy and XR
  • Tried to fix all little holes around the cockpit
  • Fixed a tiny piece of the cabin sticking out above service door on the Legacy
  • Change parking brake manipulator
  • Added manipulators to the trim switches on the pedestal
  • Opening the doors on the panel now also changes the door status on the ground menu
  • FADEC switches have a default position at 12 o clock
  • Added a clickspot which swaps the 2 FMS units.


  • Fixed some issues on the belly normal maps
  • Some minor tweaks to the cockpit textures to make them blend in better.
  • Fixed Speedbrake Textures
  • Gear Up indcators on the EICAS are now white as on the real jets.

Other Changes

  • If you spawn a session in flight the avionics no longer go through a self test before being fully active
  • Automatically remove the “remove before flight” elements permanently when the engines are started.
  • The user can toggle them back on after shutting down the engines.
  • Auto deploy spoilers on landing. (Note that speedbrake automation will be disabled if the user has the speedbrakes assigned to a joystick axis). Wheels must be spinning, groundspeed at or over 50 KIAS.
  • Auto retract spoilers when throttle advanced past 50%.
  • Initialize STAB DE-ICE in the ON condition for all startup situtations.
  • Revised the X-Plane descriptions of a few of the custom commands for the autopilot.
  • Revised the function of the autopilot toggle to properly control the yaw damper when necessary.
  • Created new command: XCrafts/ERJ_parking_brake. This will set the toe brakes to “full on” as a replacement for the X-Plane “parking brake” and allow people to slow the aircraft without the parking brake handle animating.

Sound Changes:

  • Encoded in 5.1
  • Highly modified exterior engines based on new recordings.
  • Increased bass and volume of ground roll.
  • Increased bass of interior engines.
  • Increased Interior start slightly.
  • Decreased coffee pot rattle (provided you are not standing in the galley).
  • Added shutdown for interior/exterior engines.
  • Added main gear retract bumps (only audible in cabin!).
  • Smoothed transition from cockpit/cabin.
  • Modified thrust reverse.
  • 50 and 10 callouts added.
  • Reduced bass on interior and exterior reverse thrust.
  • Lowered pitch of packs by 1st, also added a slight air noise to try to smooth the high pitch sound.
  • Fixed overhead switches.
  • Reduced volume, increased high pass of thrust reverse.
  • Lowered pitch of avionic fans by 2st
  • Added nose gear retract sound.
  • Added mach scale high speed (mutes 322 kias warning and instead triggers at 0.785M).
  • Changed trigger points for speed warning from 250/320 to 252/322.
  • Changed logic on the gear horn.  Now triggers with gear up when below 1260RA.
  • Added triple-chime to gear horn.
  • Added end caps to packs when using the bleed air switch to mask abrupt start/stop.
  • Custom park brake now working.
  • Nose gear extend sound added.
  • Reduced galley cart distance.
  • Reduced cockpit rattles.
  • Fixed 50 and 10 callouts.
  • Added additional checks for gear horn.
  • Internal mixer placement for packs and nose gear (prevents them from being audible outside the plane).
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