xEnviro Version 1.1 Out Now


X-Plane developer, Dark Space has announced version 1.1 of xEnviro is available.

This is an extensive update that adds several new features along with bug fixes. Highlights include new volumetric clouds, dynamic snow coverage, revised atmospheric conditions such as sun glare, wet airport surfaces, windscreen snow and rain effects and improved low-level haze.

xEnviro is available over on Threshold and x-plane.org for $69.90 (approx. £55/€62).

The full V1.10 changelog can be found below:


  • Maximum ozone level slider
  • Volume rendered clouds
  • Maximum intensity slider
  • Blur level slider
  • Reduce surface crosswind checkbox added
  • New alternative sun glare
  • Checkbox to display or remove diffraction spikes
  • Camera blue filter slider
  • Draw default night sky checkbox
  • Parameters for water waves adjusted to match current weather
  • Dynamic snow coverage in the mountain areas
  • Dynamic surface snow coverage
  • Dark airport surface when wet
  • Maximum snow coverage slider
  • Wet aerodrome surface effect checkbox
  • Draw snow in mountains checkbox
  • Volume shadows for haze
  • Automatic server selection based on response time.


  • Calculations for scattering, perspective and optical depth have been separated
  • The entire scene lighting is now calculated dynamically for the key points
  • Scenery albedo now dynamically adjusted for a better environment representation
  • Low level haze scattering calculation allows variable particle size
  • Turbulence slider now controls the average amount of flow disturbance.
  • ALOFT data format has been changed, sampling rate increased, vorticity data added
  • Airport lights range has been adjusted to match the actual visibility range
  • New rain effect
  • New snow effect
  • Rain and snow affected by aircraft lights
  • Volumetric landing and taxi light beams
  • Default surface drifting snow removed at runtime
  • Separate windshield effects for rain and snow conditions
  • Windshield effect now displays reflective raindrops
  • Combined atmosphere shader adjusted to hide the DSF edge
  • Database update has been moved to the separate thread.


  • Resolution slider has been removed
  • Complexity slider has been removed
  • Reflections range slider has been removed
  • Detailed range slider has been removed
  • Maximum drawing distance slider removed
  • Post processing checkbox removed
  • Remove scenery shadows under overcast checkbox removed
  • Billboard clouds have been completely removed
  • Crepuscular rays temporary removed
  • Draw crepuscular rays checkbox has been removed
  • Camera shift slider removed.


  • Assymetric projection matrix applied to the cockpit camera
  • Camera zoom is now correct
  • Early low resolution depth test has been removed to allow full resolution depth test
  • Aircraft is no more in the shadow above the cloud layer.
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