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FlyJSim Shared Flight Incoming


FlyJSim has announced its latest product for X-Plane, Shared Flight.

The product enables multi-person crews and flights in a seamless shared cockpit experience. A client-server model eliminates firewall and P2P networking issues with smooth terrain mesh and scenery transitions. Shared Flight is designed to work seamlessly and throttle and controls can be handed off between pilots effortlessly so two people can fly different segments on a flight.

  • Example use cases:
  • Be a CFI to your friends
  • Explore CRM procedures and realistic airliner operation
  • Tackle complex approaches together with your friends
  • Long haul operations with realistic crew shifts.

Shared Flight automates several functions in the background and has been designed to allow you to connect/host a flight in the shortest amount of clicks as possible. Dedicated custom servers host flights, which performs several functions including automated syncing, large-scale connections, and eliminates network issues and port forwarding of P2P networks.

A maximum number of crew and passengers can be set for a flight so all stations can be filled by virtual pilots, including captain, co-pilot and flight engineer in a three-crew cockpit. People can even ride in the jump-seat, or a large crew can be added for long haul flights.

Support for third-party aircraft will also be included, and FlyJSim plans to work with any aircraft developer to ensure compatibility. A development kit with an API for complex systems will ensure it can be fully integrated.
The package will be compatible with both the FlyJSim 732 Twinjet Professional V3 and the 727 Series Professional V3, with the Q4XP to follow when it is released.

Currently, there is no set release date or pricing information, but FlyJSim revealed Shared Flight will be a tiered subscription-based model.

We will publish more information when it becomes available.

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