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Once again we have a collection of high-quality freeware files for you to enjoy. These aircraft, scenery and utilities easily compare with many commercial products but don’t forget if you’ve enjoyed a particular file please let the author know – it’s their only payback! By the same token we’re always interested to hear from you if you’ve downloaded or designed a file that you think is worth sharing.

Although the authors of these files have very kindly given us their permission to include them on our website, they still remain the property and copyright of the authors. You are free to enjoy them for your own use but they must not in any circumstances be distributed, copied, uploaded to any other websites or disassembled in any way whatsoever.

Library files
Most X-plane users will already know that many freeware airport designers make use of the freeware library files to enhance their creations. Consequently, it’s important to read the documentation within each file to find out which libraries have been used. These library files need to be installed in order to experience these airports as the authors intended.

Featured Download – Ryan Navion 205 Vintage Aircraft
We travel back a few years with the aircraft featured in this issue; it’s a Ryan Navion 205, built in the United States in the 1940s.

You can see the resemblance between the Navion and the P-51 Mustang.

Although finally produced by the Ryan Aeronautical Company, it was originally designed and built by North American Aviation, builder of the North American P-51 Mustang. In fact, if you have a good look at it, you can see the resemblance. The idea was that an aircraft with such a pedigree would perfectly match the expected post-war boom in civilian aviation.

There’s not much paintwork but where there is it’s beautifully done.

The aircraft depicted here was designed for X-Plane 11 by Texasranger of vFlyteAir Simulations. It’s a fine piece of work that recreates that aircraft to a very high standard, including a user guide and a full 97-page Pilot’s Manual. The cockpit is fully operational with a superb amount of ageing and weathering. Paint is flaking off, there are a few rust spots here and there, even some subtle wear on the panel lettering; it all looks very authentic.

The cockpit certainly shows the age of this aircraft.

The cockpit also features a working windscreen-mounted eTablet; however you do need to download a free plug-in for this to work. The fuselage is mainly polished aluminium (like many of the P-51s), so it seems to have ‘weathered’ a bit better. A closer look reveals the subtle stains and small imperfections that aircraft of this age are bound to have. vFlyteAir Simulations also produces commercial aircraft and this could easily have been one as well, it’s just brilliant.

The developer has produced a stunning-looking aircraft.

Author: Texasranger of vFlyteAir Simulations
Platform: X-Plane 11
Ryan Navion 205 Download

ATR72-500 1.2.0
The ATR 72 is a twin-engine turboprop, short-haul regional airliner developed and produced in France and Italy by aircraft manufacturer ATR. The aircraft depicted here was designed for X-Plane 11 by Christian Riviere.

Author: Christian Riviere
Platform: X-Plane 11
ATR72-500 1.2.0 Download

Courtenay Airpark CAH3
Courtenay Airpark is located next to Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada. It’s the largest city on the east coast of Vancouver Island, commonly known as the Comox Valley and was designed by the prolific Charles Macelli for X-Plane 11.

Author: Charles Macelli
Platform: X-Plane 11
Courtenay Airpark CAH3 Download

Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
The Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer, is a World War Two- and Korean War era patrol bomber used by the United States Navy. The model depicted here is nr R582 Miss Sea-Ducer and was designed for FSX/P3D by A.F Scrub.

Author: A.F Scrub
Platform: FSX/P3Dv3-4
Consolidated PB4Y Download

Ireland West Airport Knock
Officially known as Ireland West Airport Knock, this airport is 5.6km (3.5 miles) southwest of Charlestown, County Mayo, in Ireland. This very detailed production for X-Plane 11 was designed by Cian O Riordan.

Author: Cian O Riordan
Platform: X-Plane 11
Ireland West Airport Download

Stanfield Int. Airport CYZH, Halifax
This is a Canadian airport in Goffs, a rural area of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It serves Halifax, mainland Nova Scotia and adjacent areas in the neighbouring Maritime Provinces. It’s been designed for FSX by Sidney Schwartz.

Author: Sidney Schwartz
Platform: FSX
Stanfield Int. Airport Download

Sukhoi-57 T50 Stealth Fighter
The Sukhoi-57 T50 is a fifth-generation superiority fighter that made its first flight in 2010. It will enter service in 2019 and was designed to replace the Su-27. This detailed version was produced for FSX, P3D and FS2004 by Erwin Welker.

Author: Erwin Welker
Platform: P3D/FSX/FS2004
Sukhoi-57 T50 Download

Ganja International Airport
Also known as Gyandzha, the airport serves Ganja the second largest city in Azerbaijan. This version for FSX was designed by Reza Sadri.

Author: Reza Sadri
Platform: FSX
Ganja Airport Download
Ganja traffic Download

Republic XF-91 Thunderceptor
Quite an unusual 1950s aircraft, the Republic XF-91 Thunderceptor was a prototype jet fighter for the US Air Force. It featured an inverse tapered wing that provided better lift on landing. It was designed by Uenoshing.

Author: Uenoshing
Platform: FSX
Republic XF-91 Download.

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