VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T Updated


Version 6 of the Tecnam P2006T Project by VSKYLABS is now available.

The aircraft has gone through a complete overhaul with better systems modelling, updated flight dynamics and a revamped project architecture. It also comes with the STMA AutoUpdater plugin.

One of the more significant changes is support for X-Plane’s 11.30 Experimental Flight Model. During the overhaul process, it was found that this demonstrated a wider flight envelope as well as greater accuracy in the low-speed regime, including stall and single-engine performance.

The VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T Project is available on the x-plane.org store for $28.50 (approx. £22/€25).

Full feature list:

Project internal architecture:

  • Analogue and G1000 variants share the same resources

Flight Dynamics:

  • Exhaust emission position fixed for both engines
  • Cooling and radiator remodelled
  • Engine operational limits (CHT and oil temp) tuned
  • All airfoils updated to the latest X-Plane 11.30+ versions
  • Improved ground handling
  • Drag characteristics optimised
  • Trim settings and speed adjusted
  • Better handling characteristics at high AoA
  • Overhauled flight dynamics over the flight envelope with more accurate performance and handling characteristics
  • Adjusted stall speeds and Vmca (critical engine)
  • Take-off performance improvements
  • Fuel consumption adjusted at all flight levels and power settings based on Tecnam official data.


  • Autopilot Master switch algorithm redesigned
  • AP Master switch is now the actual master switch for the autopilot system.

Electrical system:

  • Avionics bus redesign
  • Left+Right buses systems redesign and separation
  • Functional buses cross-tie algorithm added
  • Alternators/generators amperage limits tuned.

Lighting system:

  • Cockpit light switches added
  • RH instruments light switch is now functional.

Pre-flight switches state:

  • Fuel tanks selectors in ‘cold and dark’ and in ‘engines-running modes’
  • LH/RH ignition switches
  • Autopilot default state (OFF)
  • External lighting
  • AviTab is now not visible by default.


  • Cockpit switch interaction for VR remodelled
  • Hide-yoke touch-zone remodelled.

Additional features:

  • STMA AutoUpdater plugin added.
  • Engine damage algorithm when the temperature is excessive
  • Landing gear tyre blow-up algorithm added, including visualisation.

Modelling and texturing:

  • Annunciator panel remodelled to match real-scale with clearer text
  • PBR normal maps for the fuselage
  • Liveries folder added.

Bug Fixes:

  • Trim-wheel interaction zone fixed in the G1000 variant
  • ADF/Transponder (analogue variant) clearer visualisation.
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