Advanced Series: T-38C Talon Out Now


The latest aircraft to roll out of the MilViz hangar is the Advanced Series: T-38C Talon for Prepar3D version 4.4.

Featuring 10 HD liveries, this new advanced version of the T-38C comes with a detailed 3D internal and external model with high-quality ‘redux’ PBR textures. The avionics function like in the real-world counterpart, with accurately modelled HUD, EED, MFD, UFCP systems and an INS with drift errors. The weapons and targeting systems are fully modelled and include air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions, but VRS Tacpack is required.

Other highlights consist of a custom physics and flight dynamics engine (FDE) that works outside P3D. The aerodynamic model is based on Northrop and NASA wind tunnel and flight test data and validated by T-38C flight instructors. Engine dynamics and performance characteristics of the twin J-85 engines are accurately represented, as well as custom ground dynamics and structural modelling. According to MilViz, the T-38C performance figures match the real aircraft in terms of flight envelope, fuel consumption and energy manoeuvre diagrams.

The flight control system for T-38C is also custom made to match the real aircraft, including the ‘Flap-Slab’ System (flap-horizontal tail interconnect), a simulated control stick bob weight, realistic flight control system limitations, realistic control surface response curves, and modelling of the hydraulic and electric control surface actuators. Other custom systems consist of a realistically modelled nose wheel system, flight control and utility hydraulic systems including separated sub-system feed lines.

A custom failure model affects an array of systems, for example, the airframe, engines, landing gear, hydraulics, flight controls, and the Stability Augmentation System. Forced or random failures are possible based on actual T-38 fleet maintenance data. Damage can occur when exceeding real aircraft operating limitations, engine damage from ice ingested. Ice may also accrue on the airframe, causing degradation in handling and performance. Finally, bird strikes can occur, with a varying degree of damage severity and systems affected based on a probability system.


  • New high-quality external and internal models
  • Realistic engines start-up sequence
  • Accurate electrical system including individual AC/DC/Battery buses
  • Basic ‘Instructor Mode’
  • Custom ground and structural dynamics
  • Aerodynamic model based on Northrop and NASA data
  • Realistic J-85 engine model
  • Custom Flight Control System model
  • High-resolution paint kit
  • Faithfully modelled data systems and avionics
  • Betty audio by voice-actress, Kim Crow herself!
  • Navigraph support (subscription required for up to date ICAO data)
  • High-quality sound set, including start-ups with two types of huffers
  • Exterior model manager to show/hide various elements
  • Detailed operating handbook.

The T-38C Talon is available over on the MilViz online store for $79.99 (approx. £61/€71).

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