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Harrier AV-8B for X-Plane


X-Trident has announced the final version of the Harrier AV-8B is released.

The aircraft comes with a full set of FMOD 3D sounds along with an optional particle systems effects and a detailed control panel for configuring the aircraft.

Other highlights include an animated ejection sequence, ground target objects can be damaged by bombs, and a smart view, which automatically adjusts the point of view based on flight path and speed. For livery artists, a paint kit is also included.

The package comes with a full complement of weapons including:

  • AIM9 infrared guided and AIM120 radar guidance missiles
  • GPS-guided JDAMs, Gravity  and Snake Eye bombs
  • GUN with computed aim

Weapon systems

  1. CCIP bombing mode
  2. CCRP bombing mode
  3. Weapon control panel
  4. Selective jettison


  • GPS (with moving maps, in scale with NAVAIDS)
  • TACAN (A/G and A/A)


  • Air to air, with radar lock on targets
  • Terrain mapping radar
  • RWR


  • MFDs (plus one “floating” MFD – it is possible to click-to-lock A/A targets)
  • UFC and CDU
  • Detailed HUD with master modes (VR friendly/collimated)
  • Radios
  • Autopilot and selective SAS

The AV8B is available on for $38.95 (approx. £30/€35). Click here for more information.

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