TrueEarth Great Britain South for Prepar3D


Orbx has announced TrueEarth Great Britain South is now available for Prepar3D version 4.

The package spans 42,000 square miles (107,349 km²) of hand corrected and colour-matched aerial imagery covering Southern England and Wales.

Hundreds of iconic the Points of Interest (POI) models have been included, such as Tintagel, Cardiff City Stadium, the Brighton Pier and Buckingham Palace  – based on 2018 data. In addition, VFR landmarks such as masts, wind farms, churches, power-lines, castles, stadiums and lighthouses are all accurately placed.

Orbx has developed new technology especially for Prepar3D version 4, which allows for buildings to be placed accurately and perfectly align with the orthoimagery. Consequently, hand-placed and custom modelled landmarks are placed throughout the scenery such as bridges, skyscrapers, castles, piers, and monuments – this is especially noticeable in city areas such as London or along the coast.

Finally, sharp and detailed 10-metre mesh brings out natural features such as hills and beaches in detail, while an accurate road and rail network blends into the scenery with moving left-hand drive traffic.

  • Key Features
  • 130 million trees at the correct height and location
  • 13.2 million buildings at the correct elevation and location
  • Water masking along the entire coastline
  • Summer season only with full night-lighting supported

TrueEarth Great Britain South is available on OrbxDirect for AUD $54.95 (US$38.92/€34,48/£30.24 approx). Click here for more information.

Please note, this scenery add-on requires at least 57GB of hard drive space.

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