VSKYLABS has released a status update for the ICON-A5. The project started more than a year ago and was announced as part of the VSKYLABS 2019 road-map. A release this year has not yet been confirmed, but according to the company, the Icon is one of three primary projects in active development.

Because of the unique characteristics of the ICON-A5 aircraft, the VSKYLABS ICON-A5 project is being developed for X-Plane 11.30+ Experimental Flight Model environment, and it is already serving as a test-bed in this environment for the existing/future VSKYLABS projects.

The VSKYLABS ICON-A5 project will feature a highly accurate simulation of the A5, along with its unique Angle of Attack Safety System. The project is also designed to deliver ultimate VR experience, as both ICON-A5’s (the real one / VSKYLABS) has all it takes to get you low and slow without the need for a traditional runway.

A note regarding the VSKYLABS Flight Design CTLS/CTSW project:

During the past few months, the ICON-A5 development got higher priority than the CTLS/CTSW. The main reason was to favour the development of the unique (amphibious) flying machine over the more traditional types, as it was a required element in VSKYLABS preparations for future projects. However, the CTLS/CTSW is of course a living project with a planned release in late 2019.

Stay tuned as this topic will soon include detailed showcasing materials of this project.

The following short video showcases the prototype under development.

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