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The new January/February issue of PC Pilot has finally touched down, and as always it is loaded with exciting reviews, features and tutorials!


PMDG’s 747-8 Queen of the Skies II – A new benchmark in innovation
For those of us who transverse the globe in our virtual jetliners, PMDG needs little introduction. Over the years the company has established a solid reputation for developing ultra-realistic airliners while introducing new technologies that have set a benchmark for innovation. Its latest product, the PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II, was released as an expansion to the 747-400V3 base pack and includes both the freighter and the passenger versions. It also features several ground-breaking innovations that promise to raise the bar even further.

Just Flight’s Hawk T1/A – Advanced Trainer
While X-Plane has matured rapidly in the past few years, X-Plane add-on developers have largely ignored that subset of simmers who enjoy flying military aircraft within the confines of a civil aviation simulator environment. With combat-related flight sims faring well in their own space, it isn’t too much of a problem, but it is very nice to see a large entity such as Just Flight throw its weight behind bringing a superb military trainer to the virtual skies of X-Plane. With its Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer, Just Flight hasn’t just broken into the X-Plane military add-on market, they’ve come screaming down the valley into it!

Orbx’s TrueEarth GB South – Orbx presents southern Britain in extraordinary detail
We come to the next chapter in Orbx’s ground-breaking TrueEarth series of products, which combine the features from earlier regional sceneries while adding a photoreal base layer, similar to those you’ll find at all their airports. Moreover, they include a tremendous amount of additional elements helping to create a reality within the host simulator that is as yet unmatched in any other scenery.

A2A Simulations’ Bonanza V-Tail – A2A continues to raise the bar
Some aircraft have a reputation for distinctive looks, others for distinctive handling characteristics, and others for being a great commercial success. How about an aircraft that is known for all of the above? Well, the V-tail Beech Bonanza has it all. So, to create a simulation of such an aircraft with those kind of credentials would require a company with the pre-requisite skill-set and experience. Enter A2A Simulations.

Wired2Fire’s X15-V2 – Full speed ahead
We got in touch with Wired2Fire, which sent us the latest iteration of its high-end flight simulation computer, the X15-V2. Equipped with cutting-edge components, it is built for one purpose – to run flight simulators at maximum frame rates.

Aeroplane Heaven’s Lancaster B Mk.I – The Dambuster
Aeroplane Heaven pays a tribute to the iconic Lancaster with a detailed simulation of the aircraft.

Drzewiecki Design’s Seattle City XP
X-Plane 11’s default city now available from Drzewiecki

Drzewiecki Design’s Seattle Airports X
A round-robin trip visiting Seattle’s airports

VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T
The flexible, economical light twin


Modern Air Combat – An interview with Matt Wagner
We recently learned that Eagle Dynamics was working on a new and exciting project called ‘Modern Air Combat’ – designed to appeal to a wider audience of flight simmers. We contacted Matt Wagner, Eagle Dynamics’ Senior Producer, to find out more…

Prepar3D v4.4 – An interview with Adam R Breed
Prepar3D version 4.4 is, according to Lockheed Martin, “the largest and most comprehensive point release to date”. We spoke to Prepar3D Engineering Project Manager, Adam R Breed to discover what the new update includes.

Challenging Airports: Sucre, Bolivia (SLSU)
In this instalment, we travel to Sucre, the capital of the South American country of Bolivia. Located in the highland valleys of the Central Cordillera and with mountain peaks to over 21,000ft, it is an extremely challenging region for aviators.

Flight Sim 2018 – A special show report
Now in its sixth year, ‘Flight Sim Show’ is an annual event organised by Just Flight. Over 1,800 people attended this year’s show, the largest since it began. Thomas Haynes brings us this special show report.

Norway Flight Adventure
As spring arrives in the far north, Peter Stark flies through south-western Norway and again takes a closer look at another aviation classic – the Piper PA-31 Navajo.


GA Back to Basics: Executing your flight plan
In this instalment, we will complete the flight plan started in our previous issue before taking off and putting it into practice, while learning some simple techniques to keep us on track.

Optimising X-Plane 11 – A hints and tips guide
The arrival of X-Plane 11 has pushed the platform into the mainstream arena of our hobby. Jessica Bannister-Pearce provides valuable hints and tips on getting the most from this simulator.

If that was not enough, this month’s online section features several videos, including Just Flight’s Hawk T1A, Orbx’s TrueEarth GB South, A2A’s Bonanza V-Tail, VSKYLABS’ Tecnam P2006T, Eagle Dynamics’ Modern Air Combat and Drzewiecki Design’s Seattle City XP and Seattle Airports X. Finally, we also have nine freeware files comprising a mixture of airports, aircraft and utilities.

Pick up your copy now, direct our online shop or in leading newsagents. Alternatively, you can download a digital edition here.

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