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New Dawn for Active Sky


HiFi Simulations’ has announced Active Sky XP (ASXP) for X-Plane 11 has been released.

Based on the popular Active Sky weather engine, ASXP uses a hybrid weather depiction interface using X-Plane 11’s weather API. It replaces internal X-Plane turbulence and air effects, providing enhanced turbulence, thermals, terrain-based wind effects, surface friction, gusts, wake turbulence, microbursts and winds aloft.

It uses the default cloud in X-Plane for maximum performance and smoothness but an optional cloud texture replacement is available, evolved from Active Sky Cloud Art (ASCA), designed specifically for X-Plane 11.  Two variations are available, high performance, which is softer and lower resolution, and high detail, which is higher resolution, with harder edges.  ASXP also works with any other textures and visual enhancements.

ASXP takes advantage of the X-Plane 11 internal weather radar and precipitation system to provide a radar precipitation display. HiFi Simulations plans to offer its own radar/precipitation technology later, along with our planned visual depiction system replacement.

Active Sky XP is only compatible with Windows 64-Bit (v7 or later), Mac, Linux and 32-bit X-Plane/Windows versions are not supported

For more information on the HiFi Simulation’s website, click here.

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