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DCS Warbirds Update


Earlier this year Eagle Dynamics (ED) showed off a greatly updated cockpit for the DCS: P-51D Mustang that will be released next month. In addition to a beautiful, new cockpit, they are also updating the external model to include both P-51D-25 and P-51D-30 versions. This includes improvements to both the 3D model and textures.

Along with the Mustang, ED also completing work on a fantastic new cockpit for the Bf 109 K-4 and Fw 190 D-9 that takes advantage of both deferred shading and physically based rendering.

In parallel, the P-47D, Fw 190 A-8, and Mosquito are all making great progress in both the external model, cockpit, flight model and systems.

A big element also getting a lot of attention has been the new damage model discussed in an earlier newsletter. ED has been using the Spitfire as the test bed and the progress has been steady and good. Once they are happy with the results, the new damage model system will be incorporated into the other warbirds.

Virtual Reality Update

We see VR as an amazing tool to enjoy DCS World and the future of PC gaming for many. To make DCS World even better, we’ve been working on some great VR improvements that include:

  • Optimized VR performance
  • Touch control that allows direct finger interaction with cockpit controls
  • Touch control to allow the right and left Touch controllers to act as stick and throttle when positioned correctly in the virtual cockpit and holding down the middle-finger button

These will provide a much more immersive VR experience, particularly for those flying warbirds and other aircraft that do not require HOTAS controls.

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