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DCS World Open Beta 2.5 Update


Eagle Dynamics (ED) has released a second Open Beta update to address issues with the new, default controller profiles. The next controller to be supported will be the VKB Gunfighter Mk.II. The goal is to have profiles for all popular controllers. The list of all the hot fixes are available here.

This week also moved the current Open Beta version to the Release version. The biggest element of this update is the availability of the new MiG-29 for DCS World. To see the full change log for the new version, click here.

Modelling Update
The next major improvement in DCS World is more realistic damage modelling, including localized effects, visual detail, components being hit, and type of weapon impact. Regarding the latter, the new damage model will be based on two types of weapon impact: penetrating damage and proximity impact. This provides three primary weapon effects on a unit: penetrating (projectiles), volumetric pressure wave (high-explosive) and volumetric shrapnel. This last effect enables weapon casing fragments to be tracked as unique objects entering the unit. This is not simulated in the current damage model system, but it will provide a improvement to aircraft, and later, ground unit damage.

When a projectile or shrapnel penetrates a unit, the strength and functionality of the of the unit component it intersects with is affected. This includes components like spars, flight control surfaces, engine, weapons, fuel, etc. This, in turn, can affect aircraft performance and system functionality. Primary work on the new damage model system is now complete and is now undergoing internal testing. The first roll out the new damage model system in our World War Two aircraft, then later move to more modern aircraft and then ground units.

The images below showcase the internal components of the P-51D and Fw 190 D-9 that are tracked as unique components that can be damaged.

About Early Access and Open Beta
For those not familiar with the terms Early Access and Open Beta, Eagle Dynamics explained how they implement this in DCS World.

DCS World Early Access
Over the last few years, the concept of Early Access has taken traction with many companies in this industry. Before adopting this option, ED was often bombarded with customer requests to test products, or at least have the opportunity to have an early look. Early Access is offered to such customers.

The time a product remains in Early Access can vary widely based on the scope of the project, technical hurdles, and how complete the module is when it enters Early Access. Eagle Dynamics and all of its third parties strive to make this period as short as possible. It’s important to note that when a development team starts work on a new project while another project is still in Early Access, it is most often because it’s a separate internal team or elements of the team have completed their tasks on the Early Access project and it’s time for them to move them to move on to a new project rather than sit on their hands.

An Early Access module can be played on both the Open Beta and Release versions of DCC World. When ED first release a new module or update it, we first release it to our Open Beta version of DCS World for “field-testing” and then we later move it to the Release version once we are sure there are no “blocking” issues. Early Access is not for everyone, some players prefer their first experience in the game to be with a completed product.

DCS World Open Beta
ED currently operate two versions of DCS World, the Open Beta version and the Release version. Because DCS World is a “living” project that changes daily, it’s possible for a project-wide bug to worm itself in and make the game unplayable for all. To prevent this and add a level of protection, we adopted Open Beta and Release versions.

Most every two weeks (sometimes more with hotfixes) ED creates a new Open Beta version that comprises the changes from the prior two weeks. Although this first goes through both internal and closed-external testing, it is possible for errors to slip through. In this case, the Open Beta is utilized to identify a “blocking” bug that prevents all customers from playing the game (not just customers of a single module). If a “blocking bug” is present in the Open Beta, the Release version available. This is why the Release version is sometimes called the Stable version.

As such, the Open Beta version is to “field-test” new changes and check for any DCS-wide “Blocking” crashes, and the Release version is the result of the previous Open Beta that does not suffer any “Blocks.” As with Early Access, Open Beta is an option and may not be for everyone.

DCS World on Fighter Pilot Podcast
Matt Wagner sits down with Jell-O on the Fighter Pilot Podcast and talks DCS World. You can listen to the interview below.

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