FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V3 Unleashed


FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V3 has touched down in X-Plane 11.

Featuring the 727-100, -200Adv and Freighter variant with their respective JT8D engine options, the package comes with several custom liveries.

The external textures have been revamped to show every rivet, crease, dent and oil stain on the aircraft along with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) effects and detailed lighting using the angles and dimensions from the real 727.  Accurately animated control surfaces, landing gear, flap deflections, and wing flex are also included.

The series features the JT8D-9 for the 727-100, JT8D-15 for the 727-200 and the JT8D-17 for the 727-200F.  Each of the three engine variants has been modelled with individual performance characteristics across the full flight envelope, with input from real-world pilots.

Other highlights include custom 3D FMOD sounds with internal/external JT8D recordings, as well as the characteristic screech of a 727 JT8D engine at full power.  Audio effects from every switch, button and annunciator have been recorded from real aircraft including the buzz of the fluorescent lights.  In addition, ambient sounds such as rain, airflow, flaps and spoiler rumble, touchdown, gear vibrations and braking.

The dimensions on the flight deck have been precisely modelled down to the size of the switches and cockpit lighting with every bulb and fluorescent light being faithfully recreated.  Intuitive cockpit manipulation and interaction, including added mouse-wheel support has been added.  According to the developer, great care has been taken in setting up just how you interact with the switches, knobs, and levers in the cockpit.

Independent navigation and communication systems have been modelled including separate NAV radios, ADF radios, VHF radios and more. The flight director is also fully independent from the autopilot.

• Custom hydraulic systems and electrical busses
• Bleed air system depends on temperature, altitude, wear, and humidity
• Pressurisation and environmental cabin control systems faithfully modelled
• GPWS including test functionality
• CIVA Inertia Reference System (INS) option (sold separately)
• The default Laminar FMC is integrated as an option
• Accurately modelled SP-150 autopilot
• Warning systems
• Fire protection systems
• Accurate autobrake system
• Realistic weather radar with cloud reflectivity and interference
• Full TCAS integration into the VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator) with full TA/RA
• Accurate simulation of APU and ground power
• Fully compatible with X-Plane’s VR system.

The menu system has been redesigned with an options menu to configure the aircraft and navigation systems.  A weight and balance manager is available for loading passengers, cargo and fuel to accurately and dynamically shift the centre of gravity (CG).  On the performance side, V-card popup provides dynamic V-speeds for landing and take-off including improved flap schedule calculations for take-off and landing flaps.

The aircraft has been tailored to all skill levels from beginners, with an easy start option as well as advanced version with failures and a persistent failures system.  Each flight will wear out the engines, APU, generators and airframe, so the aircraft has to be maintained.

This aircraft ships with newly redesigned manuals and the documentation includes notes provided in-sim with a 32-page fully customisable window that includes checklists and an overview of the aircraft.

The FlyJSim 727 Professional V3 is available on for $59.95.

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