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A318/A319 professional Updated


Aerosoft has announced version 1.1 for the A318/A319 professional is now available.

Highlights include an updated Livery Manager, adjustments to the checklists and corrected sounds such as lower APU volume and updated windshield wiper sounds.  Engine spool up times have also been reduced.

Several corrections for the MCDU have been added such as improved holds, better VNAV calculations and corrected flight plan entry.

Version full changelog:

  • Livery Manager updated
  • Tweaks to the manual
  • ‘NEO’ removed from identifier
  • Several checklist issues solved:
    • Gear retraction
    • Timing EXT LIGHTS and WXR adjusted in TAXI CL
    • Light issue timing issue solved
    • Sounds worked on
    • Baro reference fixed
  • Holdings tweaks:
    • Hold deletion corrected
    • Resume issue solved
    • Minor change to IMM EXIT exit
    • Fix for incorrect distance to entry
    • TMPY INSERT added
  • MCDU tweaks:
    • Added message: “ENTER DEST DATA”
    • ATC button will be linked to AOC no more
    • CSTRs now can be deleted directly from F-PLN page
    • The ALT CSTR window (from database) persisted after a manual input
    • The VOR crs field in RAD NAV page stood empty after user input
    • Minor change in CHECK APPR SELECTION message
    • Minor changes in VERT REV page
    • VNAV angle change
    • EFOB/WIND change
  • One possible CTD issue solved
  • Engine spool up time reduced
  • Lower APU volume
  • Updated configurator
  • Wind shield wiper sounds updated

Click here for more information over on Aerosoft

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