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Turbo Otter Released


The DHC-3T Turbo Otter by MilViz is now available for FSX and Prepar3D.

Building on the DHC-2 and DHC-3 previously released by MilViz, the Turbo Otter features a professionally tuned flight model to capture the handling of the DHC-3T including its STOL characteristics.  The PT6-34 powerplant has been accurately replicated along with a cumulative damage model with simulated hot starts and engine failure if limits are exceeded.  Other highlights include realistic start-up procedures with engine spool rates depending on variables such as fuel, temperature, altitude and battery power.

The package comes with four body configurations – Standard Wheels, Floats, Amphibious Floats, Skis, each with individually tuned flight models.  Multiple passengers and cargo load combinations are possible, and individual passenger and cargo locations can be loaded or unloaded from within the simulator.  Several liveries based on by real-world aircraft are also included, although a layer-based paint kit is available for creating custom paint jobs.

A detailed interior and exterior features high-resolution textures with realistic weathering effects.  The cockpit features custom gauges with realistic and fully adjustable cabin and instrument lighting.  A variety of third-party avionics and GPS units are also supported including:
• Flight1 GTN 650 & 750
• Reality XP GNS 430/530W XP
• Mindstar GNS 430/530
• NavStax KingNav or, standard radios

Other highlights include the ability to hide the yoke and control column, an accurately simulated servo-driven KAP 140 autopilot and an optional MilViz/REX WX Advantage weather radar.  For Prepar3D version 4, True Glass, Real Light is supported.

A detailed simulation of all the major systems is included such as a custom electrical system with operable circuit breakers, the manually operated hydraulic pump for the flaps, and the locked/powered/free-castoring option for the tail wheel. Icing effects on the airframe and pitot/static instruments are also simulated.

A custom sound set captures audio effects both inside and outside the aircraft along with sounds for the startup/shutdown sequence of the PT6 turboprop.

Finally, documentation includes a DHC-3T Turbo Otter user guide and a KAP 140 autopilot manual.  The package comes with a multi-platform installer, supporting FSX, FSX: Steam, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, P3Dv4.  It is available on the MilViz website for USD$39.99.

Click here for more information.

The Real Turbo Otter
After the production of the original DHC-3 Otter ceased in 1967, many of these sturdy bush aircraft have had their 600HP Wasp radials swapped out for more powerful and efficient turboprop engines, improving reliability and performance.  The MilViz Turbo Otter features a Pratt & Whitney 750 HP PT6A-34 turbine and is based on the typical Viking or Vazar conversion with a STOL kit.

Turbo Otters like their radial predecessors are used across all types of flight operations: charters, tourist work, cargo and scheduled service, flying passengers and bulky loads to airfields that would be impossible for most other aircraft.

The overall gross weight is the same as the radial version, but the lighter weight of the turboprop means the payload can be increased by approximately 400lb. The increased power allows shorter take-offs and landings, greater rate of climb and a higher cruising speed of 140kts over a maximum range of about 625 miles.  It can carry payloads up to 2,600lbs and it has a maximum capacity of nine passengers.

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