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757 Captain III Version 1.1 Out Now


Captain Sim has released service pack 1.1 of the 757 Captain III base pack for Prepar3D.

The latest version is a major update and includes several new features and enhancements.  Updates from Hotfix 1 and 2 are included in the service pack.

One of the biggest improvements has been to VNAV functionality, which now includes VNAV descend PTH (Path) to SPD (Speed) switching.  In addition, the following modes have been added:
• VNAV descend SPD-TRANS
• VNAV descend SPD-RESTR
• VNAV speed/Mach mismatch

Additional fixes have also been implemented include improved autothrottle response, CTD (crash to desktop) on some systems has also been addressed and the MOI (Moment of Inertia) for roll rate has been adjusted.

Additional fixes include;
• Engine start-up sound stutter eliminated
• Improved HSI readability
• Added engine rating entry on the CDU info page
• Fixed duplicate SID entry
• Reverse sleeve animation added
• Adjusted yoke column shape and height
• “Invalid entry” message on the CDU for flaps 1

In addition to the various improvements the flight deck has several new features added including; P3D native EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System; cockpit states can now be managed in real time via FMC (Flight Management Computer); and company routes can now be added via the FMC.

External modelling now has a 4-door configuration model, including the escape slides along with various new animations for the access doors, external power hatch and overflow valve.  Captain Sim has also introduced new features for the aircraft model along with an option to select less intense landing lights effects.

New Features
• 80 knots, V1, Rotate, V2 callouts
• 2D popup 2D CDU
• New ACE interface
• Engine auto-start option
• SELCAL audio files for user customization
• Scimitar winglet option
• Set intercept course or abeam on LEGS page
• Option to disable first officer’s CDU, ADI, HSI displays

To download the latest update, log on to your user account over on Captain Sim, and select the ‘Extended Download Service’ from the order.

More information is available over at Captain Sim.

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