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A2A Bonanza Update


Scott Gentile from A2A Simulations has announced the Accu-Sim v-tail Bonanza will enter beta in a week or less.

He also revealed that there will be some changes to the maintenance hangar.  The following announcement was posted on the A2A forum:

“For the Bonanza, when you enter the maintenance hangar you can still immediately perform certain tasks and mods (change battery, tires, etc.), but there will be no automatic inspection. As in real life, you have to make a decision to inspect the airplane, and then decide on what repairs need to be made.

“So, when you enter, it will essentially just be you and your airplane, just like a real hangar. If you choose too, you can now choose to INSPECT the airplane, which is the same as an annual inspection. This will then show you any issues with the written report. If you wish, you can just click REPAIR to fix everything or you can decide individually what do fix. The REPAIR does just that, repairs anything in need of service.  Additionally, you can independently decide at the right time to overhaul your engine, which resets the time since major overhaul in the books. We are also considering some other very interesting options we need to test first before announcing.

“With the new avionics coming in for an even deeper experience, we did this so you can just operate your airplane and visit the maintenance hangar without exposing any flaws. This way you can only choose to inspect the airplane when you, as the owner and operator, have a reason too.”

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