Rutan LongEZ Takes Flight


VSKYLABS has announced the Rutan LongEZ Project initial release version is now available on

The real Rutan LongEZ is a high-performance home-built aircraft, designed by Burt Rutan in the 1980s.  It features advanced aerodynamics and combined with a low horsepower engine it achieved excellent performance and fuel economy.  The aircraft had the choice of two engines, the Continental O-200/100hp or Lycoming O-235/115hp.

The package for X-Plane was developed with Burt Rutan’s permission as an independent project and is based on the Long-EZ (NR79RA) prototype with the 115hp powerplant.  It is designed and engineered around the original 1980 ‘LONG-EZ Plans’ and ‘Pilot Operating Handbook’ (N79RA).

The VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ owner’s manual is available for free download here.

The core of the project is to create an aircraft with accurate flight dynamics, performance and handling characteristics.  It is under constant development and all updates are free.

Other highlights include;
• Aeromatic propeller configuration with automatic variable pitch
• Detailed and animated aircraft model along with 4K textures
• ‘VR-Ready’ 3D cockpit
• FMOD sounds engineered with a ‘rough and tough’ feel
• IFR capability
• Autopilot – Experimental/LSA grade autopilot included

VSKYLABS has also included a fully-configured and functional Virtual Reality (VR) control suite, optimised for VR controllers using the native VR environment in X-Plane 11.20.

The aircraft is available over on for $27.50

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