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The freeware files in Issue 115 are now available for everyone to download.  For the remaining files that accompany the magazine, click on the following link here.

These aircraft, scenery and utilities easily compare with many commercial products but don’t forget, if you’ve enjoyed a particular file please let the author know. It’s their only payback!

By the same token, we’re always interested to hear from you if you’ve downloaded or designed a file that you think is worth sharing.

Please note, although the authors of these files have very kindly given us their permission to include them on our website, they still remain the property and copyright of the authors. You are free to enjoy them for you own use but they must not in any circumstances be distributed, copied, uploaded to any other websites or disassembled in any way whatsoever.

Vultee XP-54 and Bell 429
We have two featured downloads in this issue for you.  Firstly, a high-quality prop-driven fighter, which harks back to 1943; developed by a group of talented individuals who have featured in this spot many times before. It’s the Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose, a prototype fighter built by the Vultee Aircraft Company for the United States Army Air Forces. The aircraft depicted here was designed for FSX/Prepar3D by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, Nigel Richards, Tom Falley and James Bank. The group has once again done a magnificent job with excellent modelling both externally and within the cockpit. The Vultee package includes 11 different liveries, all based on carriers who operated the original aircraft.

The second featured file in this issue is from Tom Woods and depicts a Bell 429 helicopter, designed this time for use in X-Plane 11. We don’t often feature helicopters; I guess because the flight modelling is more complex to simulate than a fixed-wing aircraft. Yet Tom has done a superb job with the Bell, both in the 3D modelling and with the flight characteristics. He has also included an enormous range of liveries, in fact 56 in a separate zip file covering most countries and assigned roles.

More commonly known as the Bell 429 GlobalRanger, it is a light, twin-engine helicopter developed by Bell Helicopter and Korea Aerospace Industries. It was primarily based on the Bell 427 and took its first flight in 2007. The 429 employs the all-new modular airframe concept and the advanced rotor blade design from the Modular Affordable Product Line (MAPL) but it maintains a derivative engine and rotor drive system from the 427. The file also contains a very comprehensive 65-page manual.

Vultee XP-54
Authors: Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, Urs Burkhardt and Damian Radice
Platform: FSX and Prepar3D
Vultee XP-54 download

Bell 429
Author: Tom Woods
Platform: X-Plane 11
Bell 429 Download
Bell 429 liveries download

Australian Oil Rigs
If you like to fly choppers in your sim, this file from Matt Levi will give you plenty to do.  It adds all the many oil rigs around the coast of Australia. Visit for more Australian scenery and repaints.

Author: Matt Levi
Platform: FSX and Prepar3D
Australian Oil Rigs Download

Boeing B-50 V.1
Designed by Manfred Jahn, Marc Roth and Ted Wolfgang, this almost fully operational Boeing B-50 Superfortress comes in a range of different liveries, with four separate variants, each with different structural layouts.

Authors: Manfred Jahn, Ted Wolfgang and Marc Roth
Platform: FSX and Prepar3D
Boeing B-50 V.1 download

P-26 Peashooter
The all-metal, single-wing P-26, popularly known as the ‘Peashooter’, was an entirely new design from Boeing and its structure drew heavily on the Monomail. Produced in fine detail here by the prolific AF Scrub.

Author: A.F. Scrub
Platform: FSX and Prepar3D
P-26 Peashooter download

Julius Nyerere International Airport
Julius Nyerere International Airport is the largest hub in Tanzania. The airport scenery was built from Sketchup and ADE v1.70 utilising Google Earth for correct positioning. It was designed for FSX by Emmanuel Mwandosya.

Author: Emmanuel Mwandosya
Platform: FSX
Julius Nyerere download

Bob Hope Airport
This is version 2 of Bob Hope Airport (KBUR), designed for X-Plane 11 only, as it references objects contained in 11.10 and later versions. It was designed by Daniel Everman and requires a few libraries in order to appear as shown.

Author: Daniel Everman
Platform: X-Plane 11
Bob Hope Airport download

Grenoble Isere Airport
Alpes-Isère Airport is an international hub serving Grenoble. It’s situated 2.5km north-northwest of Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs and 40km northwest of Grenoble. It caters mainly for winter sports-related flights and is designed here by Tim van Ringen.

Author: Tim van Ringen
Platform: FSX
Grenoble Isere Airport download

Kuching International Airport
This is a ‘lite’ version of Kuching International designed by Zurib Aerospace Malaysian Flight Simulator Group (MFSG). Although there’s no restriction on use, the full version has quite a bit more detail and is available from

Author: Syamsani Shamsuri
Platform: FSX
Kuching International Airport download

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