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Orbx Announces Plans for X-Plane


Following the release of KCGX Meigs Field, Orbx CEO, John Venema has announced the company’s plans for developing scenery for the X-Plane platform.  The following is an extract from Orbx.  For the original post over on their forum, click here.

“All you all know we released KCGX Meigs Field for X-Plane 11 yesterday, and it’s proving to be a hot seller, certainly on par or if not better than small to medium airports for our other platforms. So please allow me to say a big ‘thank you’ to the X-Plane user community for embracing “the new Orbx kid on the block” and I hope it has met your expectations! We don’t have delusions of world domination but we hope to see many other FS developers embracing X-Plane moving forward.

You may be wondering about the choice of Meigs Field as our debut. The reason is fairly simple – we hired a contractor to port this over a year ago as part of our evaluation of X-Plane 11 and to see what was involved. We then sat on the 80% completed work for various reasons as well as working on enhancements to the existing FSX/P3D/AFS2 versions to vastly expand the cityscape well into the suburban areas and add a larger photoreal terrain coverage. So basically, we’ve added the last 20% to make it on par with the other platforms and released it.

However, we have 2-3 more Orbx airport ports coming in a short while and also a new first-for-X-Plane release; EGCB Barton Manchester Airport by Tony Wroblewski.





2018 X-Plane Roadmap
• We don’t yet have a formal roadmap to announce yet but here is the rough plan:
• Hire more XP experienced developers to add to those already recently joined
• Port our most popular small to medium airports to XP11
• Potentially port some of our larger more complex airports and their attached ‘micro-regions’
• Develop a photoreal Pacific Northwest region
• Port the PNW airports across to establish a bush-flyer’s paradise
• Work with Ben Supnik and the guys at Laminar to try and add bone animations to the sim so we can add some Flow technologies
• Release more ‘first-for-XPlane’ titles (yes, we may end up porting X-Plane airports back to FSX/P3D/AFS2)
• Port across our Netherlands photoreal region
• Investigate further US regions
• Investigate a UK photoreal region with ported and brand new airports

Some pre-alpha shots of a UK region exploratory work:





What we don’t plan to do:
• Create an Orbx Global, openLC or Vector product; for now this is too ambitious in scope for the platform
• Create land class based regions; XP doesn’t have seasons and we are not yet up to speed with the XP internals just yet

Hopefully this post will be welcomed by the X-Plane community as a sign of our commitment to the platform. Orbx is morphing into a multi-platform FS developer and whilst we remain focused on our core sims (FSX/P3D), we also recognise that there are new sims emerging as choices for the FS community (XP/AFS2/FSW) and it makes good business sense to expand the scope of our offerings to them.”

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