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New King Air Takes Flight


Flight1 has announced the Super King Air B200 version 2 is now available for Prepar3D version 4 and also covers the FSX Boxed/FSX: Steam Edition.

The Flight1 Beechcraft Super King Air B200 represents an overhauled 1984 B200 refurbished with the Blackhawk XP52 upgrade, Raisbeck EPIC modifications, and the Garmin G1000 system.

There are also new specific P3DV4 features such as dynamic lighting inside and out and gauges compiled in 64-bit format.

Both the FSX and Prepar3D versions have added airways to the G1000 – providing the ability to load and change routes manually.  Various bug fixes to the G1000 and improved loading procedures have also been implemented.

In addition, the new version comes with a highly accurate and detailed aircraft exterior with four custom paint schemes and an animated cabin door.  Other highlights include airframe and windshield icing, pitot covers, chocks and engine intake/exhaust covers.

The virtual cockpit features pop-up 2-D PFD and MFD displays along with an autopilot, and MFD controller panel views.  It also comes with animations such as visors, sliding doors, arm rests and passenger tables.  It also comes with a fully modelled 3-D cabin with three colour options (Charcoal, Gray, Tan) and visible fingerprints/smudges on G1000 screens (optional).

Garmin G1000 Glass Avionics Suite Features
• Multi-page user interfaces on both the PFD and MFD
• Inset mini-map on the PFD
• New! SafeTaxiTM -like the system that reads FSX default and add-on scenery
• WAAS instrument approaches
• Autopilot supports ROL, HDG, VOR, LOC, and GPS lateral modes
• Autopilot supports ALT HOLD, ALTS, PIT, VS, and FLC vertical modes
• Flight planner can be operated independently from the FSX planner – add/delete waypoints on the fly
• Flight planner automatically imports FSX flight plan if one is loaded
• Navigraph support

King Air B200 Advanced Avionics and Systems
All gauges and switches fully functional and clickable
• Audible switch and knob sounds
• Working Cabin pressurization system
• Customizable panel lighting
• Advanced electrical, fuel and pneumatic system
• Ice protection (ice build-up affects flight model and can cause failures)
• Oxygen and autofeather system

Maintenance & Repairs Module
The Maintenance Module is included in order to enhance the simulation of the Beechcraft Super King Air B200. The MM makes provision for line services requests, and monitors aircraft usage at the system level, persistently tracking wear and tear on the engines, propellers, tires, brakes, and flaps. The engines consume oil while they are running, and it is possible to mismanage engine operation on the ground in a way that can damage them. Pilots may affect repairs from within the MM, and are able to enable or disable wear and damage features independently. For those who do not desire this feature, all failure and damage realism settings can be disabled.

Damage / Failure Modes
Engine Wear (Engine performance decreases over time / ITT High Temp Damage)
Flap and landing gear damage
Hot Starts
FOD (Foreign Object Damage)
Brake fade over time

Android GCU477 MFD Controller Application
A custom-coded Android application simulates the GCU 477 MFD controller and saves screen real estate with no frame rate impact, by using your android compatible device screen. Perfect for Android tablets and larger cell phones.

The Real King Air
The twin-turboprop Beechcraft Super King Air 200 first flew on October 27, 1972 and received civil certification in December the following year.  In continuous production since 1974, the Super King Air has outlasted virtually all other designs in its class. The B200 was introduced in 1981, and incorporated a number of changes to improve performance. The standard configuration of the type features an eight passenger cabin and seating for two in the cockpit. When equipped with a three-axis autopilot, the Super King Air B200 is fully certified for single pilot operations.

The Blackhawk Modifications XP52 Upgrade package, featuring Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 engines, has been available since 2008. Without increasing weight, these engines use a larger compressor section to improve the efficiency of the PT6A design, resulting in a 275 horsepower increase over the -42 engines found on the stock B200. A Super King Air B200 equipped with the Blackhawk XP52 and Raisbeck EPIC packages will cruise at speeds in excess of 310 knots true and climb from sea level to FL260 in just over 13 minutes.

In 2009, Garmin began offering a G1000 avionics retrofit package featuring their signature 15″ multi-function display and 10.4″ primary flight displays for both pilot and copilot. The G1000 system includes a digital, dual-channel Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS), Global Position System (GPS), Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), obstacle database, mapping, traffic monitoring, and SafeTaxiTM. Should you want to fly that high, a G1000-equipped Super King Air B200 is Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM) capable.

Click here for more information on the Flight1 website

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