757 Captain III Updated


Captain Sim has released hotfix 1.001 for the new 757.

The following features and enhancements have been added:

– Improved engines startup spool time

– CTD (Crash to Desktop) at FMC STAR execution is fixed.

– The F/D TO mode pitch bar nose up position is fixed.

– ADI displays readability is improved.

– FMC target Mach and actual Mach discrepancy is addressed.

– P3D4 flight plan .pln files loading into FMC is fixed.

– Battery discharge while on APU GEN is fixed.

– EICAS displays minor fixes.

– Night lighting of the overhead lights switches is improved.

The company also said version 1.1 will be released soon, featuring eve more fixes and features.

Click here for more information over at Captain Sim

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