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Warhawk Touches Down in FSW


BlueSky Flight Simulation has released the next generation of aircraft for Flight Sim World (FSW), the Curtiss P-40F Warhawk.

The aircraft features a fully-functional clickable cockpit with realistic hydraulic, fuel, electrical systems, and gauges.  It come with six liveries, five with authentic World War Two markings, one modern paint scheme, and a fictional livery, each taking unique advantage of trueSKY, PBR 2.0, and the rain system in Flight Sim World.

Other highlights include a realistic flight model, matching old pilots notes and manufacturer charts for performance.  The unique flap and gear hydraulic system on the P-40F is a handful for pilots flying the air show circuit today. This has been accurately woven into the flight model and systems model of the aircraft in Flight Sim World, while also offering a simpler version for those flying with a keyboard and mouse.

Photos of the real cockpit have been scrutinized and recreated in the BlueSky P-40F cockpit environment, showing off the daytime conditions and night time lighting conditions that real life pilots would have faced during World War Two.

Chris Ellis, BlueSky FS CEO explained: “The Curtiss P-40F Warhawk was one of our favourites to work on. From the research visits to Duxford and other owners, poring over every detail of the airframes, flight manuals and talking to the technicians and pilots, you won’t find a more accurate representation of the aircraft in any simulator to date.”

The Real Warhawk
Serving in more than 16 countries, the Curtiss P-40 series, including the P-40F, earned the famous Tuskegee Airmen their first air-to-air kill vs a German Fw190 in 1943. In fact, the P-40F took part in every major theatre of the war; serving widely in Africa and the Pacific, an earned a reputation as a steady gun platform and a versatile Fighter Bomber. On the other side of the world in the Pacific the P-40 scored hundreds of kills against the Imperial Japanese Navy and many American aces, including Bob Westbrook and Henry Matson, furthered their kill counts in her.

Also capable of carrying 2000lbs of stores the P-40 was effective against air, land and sea targets making it a vital tool in the offensive against the Axis forces all the way until the end of the war.

Click here for more information on Steam

FSW SDK v1.0 Released

Dovetail Games has also released SDK V1.0, which provides the tools, documentation and reference material needed to create custom scenery objects, aircraft and tools for FSW.  SDK V1.0 is the launch version of the Flight Sim World SDK, and will be developed alongside the core simulator.  It features the functionality to create scenery objects, aircraft and tools (using C++ to communicate with the sim).  Mileage on the integration of more complex systems may vary as the technology is implemented in the simulator.  The SDK is bundled with the Pro Mission Editor, if you have already installed the Pro Mission Editor, it should automatically update to include the SDK.

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