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New Jetliner Touches Down


Relive the golden days of jet travel with the iconic Boeing 707.  The type dominated passenger air transport in the 1960s and it was remained a common sight in the skies until it was gradually retired from service the following decade.  After a production run lasting almost 40 years, 1010 examples were delivered to airlines around the globe.

The package, by Michael Wilson is for X-Plane 11 only and features historic liveries such as Pan American World Airways, Air India, BOAC, Seaboard World and Air France.  Externally, the model consists of a detailed undercarriage and wheel wells, wing flex and vortex generators, while a high-resolution 3D cockpit comes with nine view presets for the flight engineer, navigational panels, radios and overhead.

The flight engineer panel is partially functional, while other systems that have been modelled include a weather radar with TCAS, anti-ice, NavCom 1/2 and ADF 1/2.  Complete checklists are also provided to replicate a cold and dark start procedure.

Four navigation systems are provided, standard VOR-NDB navigation, X-Plane 11 FMC, X-FMC and the CIVA INS (the latter two are provided separately).  The autopilot is in typical style of the early 707s and is fully operational.

Other features include a GPU (ground power unit) along with 1960s service vehicles, models of the pilots and yokes that can be toggled on/off.

The flight model has been tested by a retired 707 pilot and features small details such as irregular slat operation as in the real aircraft.

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