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Aeroplane Heaven Introduces the ‘Helldiver’


Designed to replace the Douglas SBD Dauntless dive-bomber, the Curtiss SB2C had a tough beginning, suffering from structural weakness, poor performance and significant handling issues.  The challenging handling issues were never resolved and the aircraft earned many nicknames including ‘The Beast’.  However, in the hands of experienced crews, the ‘Helldiver’ became a formidable anti-shipping attack bomber and sub-hunter in the Pacific war and featured most major battles.

Aeroplane Heaven has engineered the flight dynamics to give an authentic and challenging flying experience based on reports and pilot notes.  Every detail of this machine has been authentically modelled in detail while the aircraft boasts a fully animated rear gunner and twin machine guns housed in a retractable ‘turtledeck’.

In the cockpit, every switch, knob and lever is functional and includes all the accurate switch procedures for authentic engine starts, while a ‘stutter-start’ prop effects and sounds simulate the operation of the Wright Cyclone engine.

The exterior model includes the Helldiver’s unique dive flap system, which functions to a high degree of accuracy, while the wings fold to reveal detailed working mechanisms and there is a working tail-hook for carrier landings.  Similarly, bomb bay doors are animated and ordinance will swing down and drop when dive-bombing.


Click here for more information on Just Flight’s website

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